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Solveig Gleser, M.A.
Country of Origin: Germany

Former MADM Student 2012

MADM Thesis: The Impact of Micro-Irrigation Rechnology on Smallholders Income and Production: A Case Study from the Rural Western Hills of Nepal

Sandra Göhl, M.A.
Country of Origin: Germany

Former MADM Student 2006

MADM Thesis: Linking Decentralization and Disaster Risk Management in Mozambique: A Contribution to Local Development?

Former MPA Student 2008

MPA Thesis: Local Governance and Disaster Risk Management in Mozambique (2009)

Current Occupation: Chief Operations Officer, Esri Rwanda Ltd., Kigali - Rwanda

John Gweze
Country of Origin: Zambia

Former MADS Student 2013

MADS Thesis: The Role of Youth Civic Engagement towards Promoting Social Change

John Haguma, M.A.
Country of Origin: Rwanda

Former MADS Student 2008

MADS Thesis: Is a Universal Income Grant an Appropriate Social Policy to Alleviate Poverty in Rwanda? Abstract (2009)

Lila Halima, M.A.
Country of Origin: Tanzania, United Republic of

Former MADS Student 2011

MADS Thesis: Perceptions of risk for HIV amongst South African university students: the impact of the MTV film “Shuga”  Abstract (2013)

Robyn Hamilton, M.A.
Country of Origin: Canada

Former MPA Student 2010

MPA Thesis: Policy Implications for School Climate and Student Learning Outcomes in the Western Cape Province: A Case Study of the Extra Mural Education Project (2011)

Renee Hector-Kannemeyer, M.A.
Country of Origin: South Africa

Former MADS Student 2009

MADS Thesis: The Impact of Apartheid on the Psyche in the "Coloured" Person in the Western Cape: Looking at the Consequences of Forced Removals (2010)

Kai-Stefanie Heine, M.A.
Country of Origin: Germany

Former MADM Student 2008

Oliver Höllige, M.A.
Country of Origin: Germany

Former MADS Student 2007

MADS Thesis: The Influence of Laws, Regulations and Policies on the Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: The Case of the Coastal Region of the Benguela Region, Angola (2008)

Current Occupation: Advisor to the Regional Secretariat of the National Board of Small Industries + Resource Center of the Wa Disabled - ded Ghana

Mokther Hossain, M.A.
Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Former MPA Student 2008

MPA Thesis: Self-organisation in the governance of disaster risk management in Bangladesh Abstract (2009)

Current Occupation: Monitoring and Evaluation Expert in 'Urban Partnership for Poverty Reduction Project' of UNDP Bangladesh

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