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First Call for scholarship applications for EUSA_ID open until 15th April

The first call for scholarship applications for south african PhD and Master students in the Erasmus Mundus Program EUSA_ID is open until 15th April now. EUSA_ID offers the opportunity to spend a study/research period at renowned european universities. More information is available on the website:

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Sub-Saharan Africa and Germany

DAAD is offering approximately 10 Postdoctoral Fellowships in 2014 at DAAD supported Centres of Excellence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Additionally DAAD offers 10 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Germany for former DAAD In-Region / In-Country Scholarship Holders from Sub-Saharan Africa

For more information, please have a look at the Fellowship Announcement for Sub-Saharan Africa or the Fellowship Announcement for Germany.

The Application Form can be downloaded here:

Application Form Postdoc Sub-Saharan Africa

Application Form Postdoc Germany

Congratulations Dr. Udahemuka!

On 10 March 2014, Silas Udahemuka from Rwanda has been awarded the degree of a Doctor (Ph.D.) in International Development Studies (IDS). He received a DAAD-funded scholarship of the South African-German Centre for Development Research for his doctoral studies.

2014-03 Udahemuka
Prof. Dr. Löwenstein, Prof. Dr. Voß, Silas Udahemuka, PhD, and PD Dr. Karduck

His thesis, "A Big Push to Break Rural Household Poverty Trap? Millennium Villages Case Study with Emphasis on Agriculture“ has been supervised by PD Dr. Stefan Karduck, University of Cologne, and Prof. Dr. Werner Voß, Ruhr-University Bochum.