PhD in International Development Studies

PhD Opportunities at the CDR

The CDR offers the opportunity for PhD studies in the fields of Development Studies and Public , Public Policy  to take part in courses offered at the Institute of Development Research and Development Policy at the Ruhr-University, Bochum, Germany.


Starting from winter 2007, the Institute of Development Research and Development Policy offers an international English-language PhD program in International Development Studies. It is implemented by the Institute of Development Research and Development Policy on behalf of the Faculties of Geography, Law, Social Science, and Economics. Annually up to 12 PhD candidates are accepted to the program. The program builds on three fundamental pillars: It is a structured PhD-program with a strong interdisciplinary and international focus.



"Freedom of Research" Chinese Garden, Ruhr University Bochum


The duration of each program cycle is three years including a field research period of up to six months. Participants can choose from a variety of tailor-made teaching modules while at the same time working on their own research projects. A supervisor is assigned to each research project. All supervisors of the PhD candidates hold professorial posts in the faculties involved. Regular Research Colloquiums provide an opportunity for all participants to present their research to a broader audience.

Candidates with an above-average advanced degree in Human Geography, Law, Social or Political Science, Economics, Development Management or related subjects from all over the world who wish to attain a further academic qualification through a research project related to "International Development Studies" and would like to be member of an international and interdisciplinary research group are invited to apply for a place in our PhD program.

 For more information please refer to the PhD IDS website.

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