Publications of SA-GER Members

Publications of SA-GER CDR Members

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Name Publication Year
Bender, K.The Role of Social Protection within a Social Market Economy, in: Küsel, Corinna; Maenner, Ulrike; Meissner, Ricarda (Ed.), Social and Ecological Market Economy, GTZ, Eschborn 2008
Busse, M.Do Economic Partnership Agreements Lead to Better Governance in ACP Countries? (with S. Gröning), in: Helmut Asche and Ulf Engel (eds.), Negotiating Regions: The EU, Africa and the Economic Partnership Agreements, Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, pp. 61 772008
Busse, M.Foreign Direct Investment, Regulations and Growth (with J. L. Groizard), in: World Economy, Vol. 31, No. 7, pp.861-8862008
Busse, M.Technology Trade in Economic Development (with J. L. Groizard), in: World Economy, Vol. 31, No.4, pp. 569-5922008
De Coning, C.Policy Review and the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy in the Western Cape, in: Africanus, 38, 2.2008
Dinbabo, M. Gearing towards Implementation: The New South African Children Act (with R. September). Practice Special, in: Journal of Social work. Vol. 4 (2) pp. 113-1222008
Esau, M.V. Contextualizing Social Capital, Citizen Participation and Poverty through an Examination of the Ward Committee System in Bonteheuwel, in: Journal of Developing Societies, 24, 3. Sage Publications:U.K.2008
Esau, M.V. Exploring the Practice of Legislative Oversight by the South African Parliament through an Examination of the Activities of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, in: Africanus, 38,2.2008
Ile, I.U.Civil Society and Citizen Participation in Governance Processes in Zimbabwe (with J. Mapuva), in: South African Journal of Public Administration, 43, 2 (June 2008).2008
Ile, I.U.Enhancing Local Economic Development in Resourced Areas of Africa. An Investigation of the Efficacy of Public Participation Model/Processes in the Resourced Niger Delta Regions of Nigeria; the Case of Ogba Community, in: South African Journal of Public Administration, 43, 3.1 (October 2008).2008
Ile, I.U.Public Service Reform Philosophies. A Re-think of Nigeria's "Servicom" and South Africa's "Batho Pele" Principles in an Era of Global Reconstruction and Reform (with J. Kuye), in: African Journal of Public Affairs, 2, 1 (July 2008).2008
Kaltenborn, M. [Book Review:] Trubek, D. M. und Santos, A. (Eds.) (2006), The New Law and Economic Development. A Critical Appraisal, in: Verfassung und Recht in Übersee 41, 2008, S. 419-4222008
Williams, J.J.Changing Society by Changing the Thinking Culture about Hazards: a Review Essay on 'Safety-Culture and the Logic Hazard', in: Critical Arts, 22 (2), 235-241.2008
Williams, J.J.Governance through Community Participation in Post-Apartheid South Africa, in: Participation and Governance, 1 (1), 42-60.2008
Williams, J.J.Research into the Development of a Policy for Community Development Workers (with Laurence Piper, Rudi Dralle and Kim Jones). Republic of South Africa: The Department of Public Service and Administration and the Department of Provincial and Local Government GTZ: Partner for the Future Worldwide2008
Williams, J.J.The Politics of Social Change and the Transition to Democracy: Governance and Community Participation in Post-Apartheid South Africa, in: African Politics: Beyond the Third Wave of Democratisation, ed. by Joelien Pretorius. Cape Town: Juta, 172-197.2008
Löwenstein, W.Analyse privatwirtschaftlicher Förderung von Infrastrukturvorhaben in Entwicklungsländern. Gutachten für die Deutsche Entwicklungs- und Investitions-gesellschaft mbH (DEGInvest). 2008, 35 S. (zusammen mit Tobias Birkendorf und Sanjay Gorkhali).2008
Bardill, J.Governance for Sustainable Development: The Role of the South African Public Administration Leadership and Management Academy PALAMA and Higher Education Institutions in South Africa (with Enyat Hamza), in: Administratio Publica, Vol.17, No.32009
Busse, M.Aid for Trade: Making Trade Effective for Development (with A. Agboghoroma et al), in: HWWI/PwC (eds.), HWWI and PwC, Hamburg2009

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